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You have reached the voicemail inbox of Krieg the Psycho.

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09: Thida
11: Angel
13: Jimmy
26: Angel

12: Botan
12: Asgore
20: 5th Match // [video] Ecruteak
20: Cecil
24: Jean

03: Angel
03: Armin & Angel
25: Cecil
27: Dave

01: Athena
05: Beach Party
07: Pok├ęprom

01: Jean
01: Armin
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20: 6th Match // [video] Violet

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21: Solstice Log top-level
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Aug. 27th, 2016 10:13 pm
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...But seriously, let me know how I'm doing. Is Krieg too crazy? Not crazy enough?
It's a fine line to walk, and I'm always down for advice!

CR Chart

Aug. 27th, 2016 10:05 pm
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My best friend!
If anything happens to her I honestly don't know what I'll do, and that worries me.

Geek Girl
My best murder buddy!! I missed her!!!
It's incredibly good to see her again. I can already tell she's going to be happy here; maybe even happier than she was on Pandora.

Timothy Lawrence
Timothy Lawrence
Worst life choices!! Finally grew a spine!
Handsome Jack's original body double; plastic surgery, voice modulator, and now the brand. I've never been more proud to hear someone tell Jack to shut the fuck up.

Vault Face
(Handsome Jack)
I'm gonna rip out his entrails and choke him with his own small intestine!!!
I'm going to rip out his entrails and choke him with his own small intestine.

Jim Dear
(Jimmy Darling)
I don't know how to deal with the emotions I am currently feeling!!!
Good friend! Goooooood friend!!
Maybe compassion isn't dead after all. It just took a lifetime sabbatical from Pandora.

Explosive buddy!
I get the feeling this guy needs adult supervision at least as much as we do. I'm glad he's got Armin for a friend; he needs someone sensible to rely on.

Scaredy pants!
Smart kid, but jumpy. Can't really blame him though, I guess.

The Birthday Boy!
From the same place as Jean and Armin. Haven't talked to him much since his birthday party in the islands.

Squid Girl
Good sidekick! Wields a mop like a pro!
Feels like we have a lot in common. Pretty sure she doesn't have as much trauma, though, which is a good thing. Likes squids but scared of octopi.

The stick up his ass is smaller! I think?
I still think this guy needs an adult.

Miss Baker
She gave me an egg!
Trustworthy; she's been looking out for Angel.

Prof. Nerdlord
(Cecil Harvey)
Very informed and informative. It probably wouldn't hurt to listen to him.

Miss Fitz
The Beauty and the Doppelganger: A love story in three acts!
There's a lot more to her than meets the eye. I'm glad she's looking out for Timothy.

Trash Kid and Dumpster Diving Buddy!
The physical manifestation of our inner child, probably. Kinda uncanny. Seems like a good kid, though.

The crazy cat man!
Angel and Jean both look up to this guy, and he obviously cares about them, too. That's good enough for me.

Murdered a cult! My kinda guy!
Sounds like he's got a lot in common with Maya. I wonder what she'd think of him?

Shield Lady
She was fantastic! AND SO WAS I!!
A voice of reason, and a good ally. Try to stay on her good side.

(Janey Springs)
Cool scar! Best scar!! #1 Mom Friend!
She has a good heart. Please at least try not to piss her off.

Pandoran. Seems like a decent guy.

His face is hilarious!
Instead of fainting or pissing himself the first time we met, he ran straight into a nest of scorpions. Definitely didn't predict that one.

Goth Lady
She wasn't as pretty on Pandora!
I feel like I know her from somewhere, but I'm sure we've never seen her before.

(Venom Snake)
Full of questions. I wonder what he wants?

(Agent Maine)
Clearly doesn't know a good axe when he sees one!
Talks like a merc.

Mountain Man
Adventures with a fish!
Sounds like he had a rough life where he came from, too.

Ginger Snap
Scared of squids! Maybe too much tentacle porn?
I think this guy is in way over his head.

Emo Guy
No sense of humor!!
Doesn't encourage terrible jokes; seems like a sensible guy.

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You have reached the voicemail inbox of Krieg the Psycho.


Jul. 25th, 2016 11:19 am
From the wiki:
Krieg suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). He argues with himself in some of his quotes, and he has a quieter 'inner voice' which occasionally tells him what to do or comments on his surroundings.


Krieg's inner voice is compared to a man driving an out-of-control semi truck by [Borderlands' lead writer]. He cannot stop the truck, but he can try and steer it away from as many innocents as possible.

Krieg's dominant personality is pretty clearly his violent side, as is evidenced by his typical interactions with the Borderlands world. He's far more lucid within the constraints of his own mind than he's able translate into language and action.

His peaceful side keeps his violent side in check by threatening to take control and commit suicide the instant he harms an innocent person. The arrangement appears to have worked out, because not only did Krieg survive all of the various, exciting events that transpired throughout the story in Borderlands 2, he thrived.

It's pretty clear that positive interaction with other people is a huge benefit to Krieg. All it took was the kindness of A pretty lady with a heart of gold (cw for violence and blood) to get him started on the Path To Redemption, or at least on the Path of Not Killing People Who Don't Deserve It. We're still not sure about the former, but as of the start of BL2, we do know Krieg is definitely on the latter.

He's particularly close to Maya - the pretty lady with a heart of gold - but he works well with all of the vault hunters. Being able to focus on a concrete goal - in this instance, stop Handsome Jack from opening the Vault - and working toward meeting that goal is hugely beneficial to his psyche. His inner side is very aware that the way their mind works currently is not right, and that it hasn't always been this way, and holds out hope that someday they'll be able to act like a normal person again. He believes that Maya's kindness is the starting point to their road to recovery.

Krieg plays surprisingly well with others given his generally violent nature. While there is a disconnect between his inner self and outer self in a lot of instances, overall he seems to prefer company, and teamwork. He recalls a time when he helped other people - when, as he says, his mind was whole - and is generally encouraging (in his own special way) when reviving fallen teammates. Even Krieg's violent side understands the value of teamwork, and does his part to ensure the success of the group.

In addition to swearing never to harm an innocent, Krieg will step in to prevent someone else harming an innocent...most likely using his own body as a meat shield. He's not squeamish in the least, and is in fact very much a masochist. His inner voice seems to believe that he deserves to suffer whatever physical pain is inflicted on him, and his outer personality actually, literally revels when he's injured. Krieg's style of combat in the context of Borderlands' gameplay is - for all intents and purposes - suicidal. Based on how skill points are distributed by the player, he receives massive stat and combat bonuses when he's injured. The lower his HP, the better the bonuses.

Snippets of monologue throughout the story reveal vague memories of helping people and getting paid with loot (such as a vault hunter might do), but Krieg never allows himself to actively search for these memories, shying away from them and avoid them completely instead. His more peaceful, lucid side has some desire to remember, but his dominant, violent side does not, and he actively stops himself from attempting to recall. Despite this, he is occasionally motivated by memories of a mysterious woman - "Where is she? Is she still alive? Did she get away?" "Get up. She might still be out there." The identity of this woman (or possibly women) is never revealed, but a popular fan theory is that Krieg is the father of one of BL2's main character NPCs, Tiny Tina, and that his rare references to this woman mean either Tina, Tina's mother, or possibly both. It's likely the woman doesn't have a direct relationship to whatever traumatic event caused Krieg's disassociation in the first place, because while his dominant side overrides most efforts to remember things, he doesn't have a strong reaction to mentions of her.

Krieg can follow and participate in conversations, but his contributions are not always easy for his conversation partner to parse. While Inner Krieg is perfectly lucid and has proper command of the English language, Outer Krieg has an unfortunate (if hilarious) tendency to spout nonsense when he speaks. He's mostly able to get his point across, albeit with some side-ramblings that might have little or nothing to do with the conversation at hand. His feelings on any given situation tend to be expressed through the emotion and volume of his voice, rather than the words he chooses to use. His overall posture and body language reflect what he's feeling as well, and he tends to gesticulate broadly when speaking.

If left to his own devices, Krieg would likely revert back to the crazed, blood-thirsty psychopath from his pre-BL2 days. His peaceful side definitely doesn't want that to happen, and while it's difficult to say for sure, his violent side does seem to feel the same. Living the way he did before was unsustainable for long-term survival which is necessary to find out what happened to "her." Both sides realize this. In an RP setting, he's likely to attach himself to another person or people with a strong personality and at least reasonably decent morals (such as Maya). He may suffer from a loss of touch with reality from time to time, but his sense of "right and wrong" works just fine.


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